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Steam's new Discovery Update makes it easier to find games you actually want

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Valve lets you curate games for friends, family, and strangers

After discreetly tweaking its overall look, swapping some of its obsidian palette for varying shades of deep blue, Steam has launched its Discovery Update. The redesign introduces a brand new store front, along with a barrage of features intended to help streamline its cluttered portfolio of games.

Beginning today, users will see personalized recommendations based on their past purchases, recent playtime, and suggestions from their friends. It is also now possible to follow "Steam Curators," individuals or organizations that have volunteered to become tastemakers for the community. Although just about anyone can assume the mantle, only those who have made at least 10 recommendations will be listed for the public to find.

Steam Curator
Other changes include a swathe of new search filters, and the introduction of the "Discovery Queue," which allows users to browse a carousel of titles that are potentially relevant to their interests. The update is part of Valve's on-going effort to make it easier to sift through Steam's repository of games which has been expanding rapidly since the introduction of Greenlight, a voting service that allows the public to help pick titles for distribution on the platform.