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Google's Play Newsstand app comes to iOS as replacement for Currents

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Google Play Newsstand is now available on iOS in addition to Android; as of today, it replaces the Currents app — just as it did on Google's own mobile platform last year. If you've got Currents installed, you'll be prompted to update to Newsstand, which offers a central place for reading articles from select newspapers, magazines, and websites. Google's got support from "hundreds" of publishers covering news, sports, business, entertainment, and other topics, and you can also add in RSS feeds for any blogs or sites that don't yet have a dedicated Newsstand page. The app also supports video and audio content from some publishers, and you can bookmark to read later if you don't have time to finish them on the spot.

Basically, it's a cross between Flipboard and Pocket. Newsstand's design is pretty great — even if it's not yet optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus on day one. Oh well. At least it runs on both iPhone and iPad. If you've never even heard of Play Newsstand before, here's a video of the Android version; the experience on iOS is nearly identical.