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Liam Neeson has 'Tak3n' things 2 far

Liam Neeson has 'Tak3n' things 2 far


A Million Ways to Die in the W3st

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Next summer: Liam Neeson has been wronged and has a particular set of skills to make things right — by any (violent) means necessary. In Taken, he killed 31. In Taken 2, he killed 20. In Tak3n... wait, we need to talk about the name. According to USA Today, Taken 3 is Tak3n. As in, the number 3 is a fair substitute for both uppercase and lowercase 'E.'

It's time to set some guidelines:

  1. Can replace either "one" or "won" (Willy 1nka and the Chocolate Factory). Can also be used to replace the letters "I" or "L," especially when you're expecting this to be first in a film series (T1tanic)
  2. To, two, or too (The 2th Fairy, sequel to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 2010 action film). Can also be used to replace the letter "S" in a pinch (Ca2ablanca)
  3. The letter "E" (Tak3n, The Dark Knight Ris3s)
  4. For, four (4est Gump)
  5. Preferable replacement for the letter "S" if not used for the second movie (The Empire 5trikes Back). Exception to rule is An American Tail: 5el Goes West
  6. Uppercase 'G' only, not a good replacement for lowercase. (The 6reat 6atsby)
  7. Only Se7en. It was only ever Se7en.
  8. Ate, I guess? (Gr8t Expectations, The Thin Line Between Love and H8, Pir8s of the Caribbean)
  9. Lowercase 'G' only, not a good replacement for uppercase (Marvel's The Aven9ers)

Can anyone stop Liam Neeson's global reign of t3rror?