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James Franco's long-lost 'Saturday Night Live' documentary is coming to Hulu this Friday

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Five years ago, when James Franco was a grad student at NYU, the actor / director / writer / poet / North Korea antagonizer shot a documentary showing what it's like to create an episode of Saturday Night Live, from the Tuesday morning table read to dress rehearsal. The resulting 90-minute film — which focused on the December 6th, 2008 John Malkovich / TI episode — has popped up at film festivals but has not otherwise seen the light of day.

Until this week, that is. Franco has taken to Twitter and Instagram to announce Saturday Night will be available on Hulu starting this Friday — just one day before Saturday Night Live's 40th season premiere with host Chris Pratt and new announcer Darrell Hammond.

Meanwhile, watch the SNL episode in question — even more Malkovich!