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Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 ad chases NFL stars and Beats marketing

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 ad chases NFL stars and Beats marketing


Latest commercial is more football than tablet

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Microsoft has tried many tricks for its Surface commercials since the tablet originally debuted nearly two years ago. Dancing school girls, beatboxing, breakdancing, and a Mac vs. PC comparison have all been involved, but the latest ad takes an entirely different approach. Playing on its $400 million advertising and equipment deal with the NFL, Microsoft has produced a new commercial that features Seattle’s Seahawks. You won’t find Richard Sherman shouting at the top of his voice about the benefits of a kickstand, but the commercial feels and looks a lot like one Beats would produce for its headphones.

There’s the game preparation, a team coach, and even some touch downs, all set to some rock music. While the Beats comparisons are obvious, Microsoft even highlights its Surface Pro 2 tablets that are being used on the sidelines to review photos of plays — referred to as "iPad-like tools" by some announcers. It might be a slick commercial with NFL stars, but the "trusted by pros, built for the fans" message for the Surface Pro 3 feels a little lost in a sea of football at a time when Microsoft is making the case for the "tablet that can replace your laptop."

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