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Hilary Duff's new music video is basically an Amazon Fire Phone commercial

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'All About You' is all about Amazon

Gadget product placement has a long and mostly hilarious history in music videos. Nicki Minaj briefly held the title of "Queen of Egregious, Nonsensical Placement" for having a Beats Pill literally float through the air in her "Pills and Potions" video, but Hilary Duff's latest, "All About You," may just be the new winner.

The video opens in a diner that Hilary Duff would probably never set foot in, at least not since she got that Lizzie McGuire syndication money. She picks up her phone to creepshot the cute boy in the booth next to her, and does it with... her Amazon Fire Phone. (Apparently Hilary was one of the small, exclusive club of Fire Phone buyers.) Later, she's in a dance studio showing her friends pictures of said boy — and presumably extolling the virtues of Dynamic Perspective. "Look how cute he is!" she seems to be saying, as she flicks her phone in her hand. "And look how quickly I can get to the share menu — I don't even have to use my hands!"

HIlary Duff Fire Phone GIF

Duff and her Fire Phone travel all over, dancing under bridges and taking pictures and twirling bandanas and flipping her phone to reveal hidden menus. All the while, they look for Hilary's Manderella, their only clue being a record he left behind. It's a terrible song, sort of a sweet music video, and at least a better Amazon commercial than the one with the kids talking about how they use Prime all the time.

Really, though, if Amazon and Hilary Duff were going to go all-in on product placement this way, they missed some opportunities. Like, why didn't she just use Firefly to figure out what the record was? She could've found the guy way faster, and totally impressed him with her musical knowledge too. And why didn't she use that cool 3D Maps view to find the party? And when all else fails, she should have just used MayDay. MayDay is great.

HIlary Duff Fire Phone GIF

As we all stop watching TV and keep turning on YouTube, this kind of thing is the new normal: product placement won the battle. And lest you blame Hilary Duff, know that this is far from new. And if anything, it's really the Beats Pill's fault.