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The new Moto X is coming to Verizon Wireless tomorrow

The new Moto X is coming to Verizon Wireless tomorrow


Motorola's latest flagship will be at your local Verizon store real soon

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After a brief window where it could only be ordered unlocked or through AT&T, Motorola's second-generation Moto X will launch on Verizon Wireless tomorrow, September 26th. The 16GB model is priced at $99 on contract — just as it is on AT&T — and will be available in two colors when purchased from Verizon directly. One's an all-black design, and the other features a white front with a bamboo rear shell. Normally that wood option would cost more if ordered through Moto Maker, but Verizon's not charging anything extra for it as long as you sign a new two-year contract. Both models will be available in stores and online tomorrow.

If you're clinging to an unlimited data plan and buying at full price, the black resin Moto X is $499.99, with the bamboo model slightly higher at $549.99. If nothing else, it's nice that Verizon isn't making customers pay more for the unsubsidized phone than they would at Motorola's own website. The 32GB Moto X isn't being sold in stores, but can be ordered through Moto Maker for $149 or $549.99 at full retail. Going through Moto Maker means you can customize your Moto X's appearance in "thousands" of ways, but if you're impatient, that black version looks pretty great in its own right.