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Billionaire designs yacht-shaped hospital skyscraper, other billionaire might build it

What would you do with a billion dollars? If the answer is, "I would design a yacht-shaped hospital," then you are Russian banker / architect / future space tourist Vasily Klyukin — hi there! Big fan. Thanks for reading The Verge.

I suppose you know everything I'm about to write here, but just for everyone else's sake: Klyukin has revealed designs for White Sails hospital & spa, four-skyscraper beast that looks like the world's biggest yacht (each tower is a sail) trapped in a very tiny lake. Here's how it's described:
"The main idea of the architect Klyukin and Tunisia Economic City is to build a clinic, where people will feel the calmness and peacefulness, rather than experience the fear while visiting. The hospital will take care of the good mood and the healthy spirit. Visitors will feel themselves more like the guests during the cruise, rather than patients. Even the medical uniforms will be styled as marine uniforms."
Best part? This might actually get made — as part of a €50 billion (around $63.7 billion) project to build "Tunisia Economic City," a futuristic (not automated) mega-city.It does not actually sail.


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