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Apple's Phil Schiller says 'go to the Genius Bar' if your iPhone 6 is bent

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"We'll see if your product is having an experience it shouldn't have."

Apple has responded to the controversy over whether its new iPhones are unusually susceptible to bending: the company called the issue "extremely rare" with only nine customer complaints so far, and invited The Verge and others to see its facility where it stress-tests each new model for durability. And senior VP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller, the man who introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on stage this month, has advice for anyone worried about their phone failing to retain its shape.

"As we expected, it's extremely rare to happen in real world use," Schiller tells The Verge. "In this case, as in many things, we tell customers that if you think something's occurred that shouldn't have with your device, go to AppleCare, go to the Genius Bar, and let them take a look at it. And we'll see if your product is having an experience it shouldn't have, and is covered under warranty."

In this case, Apple's ubiquity is a blessing and a curse: an issue with a new iPhone will go under far more scrutiny than it would with any competing product, but at the same time anyone that does happen to have the issue should find it relatively easier to get support.

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