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I have so many questions about my new favorite GIF

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Dog pours water on its head

Below, you will find a GIF of a dog pouring a can of water on its head. Like all truly great GIFs — The Raptor on RollerbladesThe Michigan Kicker — the longer you watch Dog Pours Water on Its Head, the more questions you have and the more invested you become in decoding what makes the GIF so entrancing.

My initial list of questions:

  • Who taught Dog to sit like a person?
  • Who taught Dog to trigger the contraption?
  • Did Dog build the contraption?
  • Can Dog build a contraption?
  • Why does Dog flinch before triggering the contraption?
  • How often does Dog do this?
  • Who is filming Dog?
  • Is Dog filming Dog?
  • Is this a science experiment?
  • What does humankind seek to gain from such an experiment?
  • What does dogkind seek to gain from such an experiment?
  • Will you be donating to ALS, Dog?
  • What happens if Dog stops triggering the contraption?
  • Are we doomed, Dog?
  • And what is in that dirty, poo-colored water bottle?
  • Has there been a better GIF in 2014 than Dog Pours Water on Its Head?
  • How cute is Dog?
  • No really, how cute is Dog?

Dog Pours Water on Its Head

UPDATE: We have a few answers, thanks to P.E. Vargas and Daily Mail. Dog is a late entrant in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Good dog, Dog!