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Motorola's Moto 360 commercial is all about design

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The Moto 360 advertising campaign has begun. Motorola has uploaded a minute-long commercial for its Android Wear smartwatch to YouTube. It's all pretty on the nose, which is almost refreshing in an era of constant trash talk between tech companies. Instead of bashing the competition, Motorola uses this spot to showcase the 360's main strength: design. With one long, continuous sequence, the video highlights the stainless steel, genuine leather, and scratch-resistant glass that go into Motorola's watch. (No, there's no mention of battery performance.) Moto 360 still ranks as the best Android Wear smartwatch available, but plenty of competition is on the way. And all of these devices are part of a relatively young market, a notion reinforced by Motorola's tagline. "Shouldn't a watch built for our times do more than just tell you the time?" The Moto 360 can indeed do much more than that, and it's good to see Motorola putting some advertising weight behind it.