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Orphan Black writer's passion project is about love and quantum mechanics

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Being a fan of a television show or a film these days means more than showing up once a week, whether that includes following your favorite actor's every publicized move (even though it's probably not them) or listening to your favorite series' showrunners' podcast immediately after each new episode. Even better than that, though, is finding out that the people involved in making your favorite on-screen stories come to life often have passion projects of their own.

Take the above for example, writer and director Tony Elliott's short film Entangled. In it, Elliott — a screenwriter for the well-regarded sci-fi drama Orphan Black — tells a story of a woman whose lover is suffering debilitating side effects of a quantum device he's created. Her attempt to save him and the repercussions they both endure is a tense, futuristic take on a story that's been told endless times before. Reminiscent of indie sci-fi films like Shane Carruth's Primer and Upstream Color, it's moody and pensive without getting too bogged down in supplying you with specifics, letting the focus stay on the show-stopping performance from lead actress Christine Horne. It was recently part of the the Toronto International Film Festival and is well worth a watch, plus it'll help pass the time until Orphan Black season 3 debuts in 2015.