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Incomplete episodes from canceled 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' animation released online

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Star Wars fans were none-too-pleased when animated cable TV show The Clone Wars was unceremoniously cancelled last year following Disney's purchase of LucasFilm. The show was in the middle of production on its sixth season when Disney pulled the plug, and fans were left with lots of open storylines. The completed episodes were later released on Netflix, but there were still plenty of loose ends. Now the show's creators are releasing four incomplete episodes to give fans every piece of The Clone Wars possible.

The four-part story, known as the "Crystal Crisis on Utapau," is now streaming on free of charge. The animation is far from complete, but voice acting for the episodes was captured before Disney cancelled the show.The result is a final taste of Star Wars under the control of George Lucas. The Clone Wars is officially considered canon alongside the six motion pictures, and these are likely the very last pieces of the show that will ever be seen. A couple of other storylines for the sixth season were planned but never produced — one was turned into a Dark Horse comic last year, and another is being adapted into a novel. And don't worry, this is far from the last of the Star Wars universe. A new animated show, Star Wars Rebels, will premiere next week, and several new films are on the way.