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Listen to Lorde's song for the 'Hunger Games' soundtrack

Listen to Lorde's song for the 'Hunger Games' soundtrack


"I'm a princess cut from marble."

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Not only is Lorde responsible for curating the soundtrack for the next Hunger Games, but she actually created a song for it herself — and it's just been released. The song is called "Yellow Flicker Beat," and while you're right to be skeptical of how good a movie-soundtrack song can be, this one is actually worth listening to. It's another solid single from Lorde, with a haunting vibe and an awesome chorus with synths whining all around her. It's less about the movie than it is meant for the movie: a strong drumbeat makes the whole thing sound like it's meant for a march, and war is certainly coming in Mockingjay. Lorde says it's her attempt to get inside of Katniss’ head. The film comes out on November 21st.