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Adobe is bringing Photoshop to Chromebooks

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The big knock against Google's Chromebooks is that they can't run true desktop-class software, with Photoshop a commonly-cited example. Google and Adobe are now looking to close that gap: the companies have just announced that Adobe's Creative Cloud software will soon be available for Chromebooks. The first release will be a "streaming" version of Photoshop, but it's a fairly limited release for starters. It'll only be available to Adobe's education customers who have a paid Creative Cloud membership, and it sounds like you'll need to apply for access to the beta.

For those who do have access to this beta release, Google and Adobe are saying it'll be the same Photoshop "you know and love." Unsurprisingly, it'll integrate directly with Google Drive for managing your files, and Adobe also notes that Windows users will be able to use Photoshop straight in their Chrome browser, as well. A handful of features that Photoshop typically offloads to a computer's GPU aren't available in this streaming version, however — but considering that Chromebook users had zero access to Photoshop before, we don't imagine they'll be complaining too much.