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How do you make a phablet easier to use in one hand? Give it a Buddy

How do you make a phablet easier to use in one hand? Give it a Buddy


Alcatel's Pop Mega and its Buddy offer a two-for-one deal

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Phablets are big and can be hard to use in one hand, but Alcatel thinks it has the solution for this dilemma. Its latest Android phablet, the Pop Mega, a six-inch honker available from Tracfone's prepaid Straight Talk brand next month, actually comes with a secondary, little phone for making calls, sending texts, and getting notifications. The secondary phone is affectionately known as the Buddy and pairs to the Pop Mega via Bluetooth. Alcatel notes that it's easier to use the Buddy when making phone calls, while the Pop Mega is better suited for browsing the web, watching video, and doing all the other things you do with a smartphone.

Alcatel isn't the first company to try this idea — HTC launched the Mini accessory for its big phones in China back in January, 2013. But instead of being a costly accessory, Alcatel is including the Buddy in the box with the Pop Mega, which is expected to cost less than $250 when it goes on sale. Alcatel is also releasing a line of Pop phones with Tracfone, including the $150, 4-inch Pop Star with LTE, and the 5-inch Pop Icon designed for first-time smartphone buyers. All of the Alcatel Pop line will be available starting next month.

Alcatel Pop Mega