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Samsung's pun-filled Galaxy Note 4 ad is a nice departure from Apple bashing

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You don't need to troll Apple to make a good commercial

The latest Galaxy Note 4 ad takes a break from relentlessly mocking Apple and reminding consumers that Samsung was first to embrace phablets. Instead, this one's all about brand awareness. Brand awareness through puns. You'll hear "Note" more times than you can count as two friends try to insert the name of Samsung's massive smartphone into their conversation at every turn. It sounds like an idea that could've been terrible if executed poorly, but the spot managed to get a few laughs out of us.

"The word 'note' must be forced upon the origin word. It's in the bylaws."

You've got to feel for the barista / bartender who gets stuck dealing with the obnoxious duo not once, but twice. Extra points for somehow ending the whole thing on the subject of Full House, Samsung. The anti-Apple advertising campaign has its place and may be effective, but we'd love to see more of this style, too. Perhaps the lone misstep is that it pretends people are actually using Samsung's Milk music service.