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First 'Inherent Vice' trailer turns Thomas Pynchon's novel into a rollicking detective film

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Paul Thomas Anderson, the director behind There Will Be Blood and Punch-Drunk Love, is revered for packing his films with tons of style, huge characters, and almost-constant tension. His latest movie is Inherent Vice, and it looks like he's at least doing the first two of those things here. It's based off of a Thomas Pynchon novel that tells a "drug-fueled" detective story in ’70s LA, and the film's first trailer makes the it all look sharp, wild, and pretty funny too. Joaquin Phoenix stars, and Owen Wilson, Josh Brolin, and Reese Witherspoon turn up too. Oh, and that's musician Joanna Newsom narrating. Anderson's films have reliably been among the best each year that he has one out, so this is one worth paying attention to. It'll be out in December.