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Google satellite executive reportedly leaves to work with SpaceX

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Greg Wyler takes his radio spectrum rights, too

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Google Satellite executive Greg Wyler has left Google and has reportedly been seen frequenting the SpaceX office, according to The Wall Street Journal. Neither Wyler nor the two companies have commented on his abrupt departure, which comes just months after he was hired to assist in Google's attempt at creating a global internet service. 

Although he is reportedly working in close proximity with billionaire Elon Musk, The Wall Street Journal cites sources as stating that the satellite communications expert is not a SpaceX employee. His departure also coincides with Google's loss of rights to a certain radio spectrum, which is controlled by Wyler's company WorldVu Satellites Ltd. "This could hurt Google's aspirations in this area in the short term," Mile Marker 101 CEO Neil Mackey tells The Wall Street Journal. Earlier this year, it was reported that Wyler would be helming a Google project that would put 180 satellites in orbit as part of its bid to provide worldwide internet access.