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Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge has a display that curves over one side

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Samsung's newest Note smartphone offers something you probably haven't seen before: a display that curves over the one edge of the phone. The new phone is being announced today at an event in Berlin, and it's appropriately being named the Galaxy Note Edge. The curved section of the display, which wraps over the phone's right edge, operates independently from the main area of the phone, giving users a persistent area from which they can launch apps or view information, even while the cover is closed. The curved area also serves as a secondary notification area so you can get notifications there while watching videos.

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On the inside, the Note Edge is basically the same as the Note 4. The biggest difference is that it includes a 5.6-inch display instead of a 5.7-inch display, but it's otherwise the same: QuadHD resolution, 16-megapixel rear camera, heart-rate monitor, and so on. For full details, see our hands-on.