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You can buy a Galaxy Note 4 back that's coated in extremely bright Swarovski crystals

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It wouldn't be a Samsung product without a full range of wild accessories, and this year Samsung has really knocked it out of the park. The highlight is the impossible-to-look-away-from Galaxy Note 4 back that's coated entirely in Swarovski crystals, either in silver or a very bright gold. Samsung hasn't announced when you'll be able to buy it or how much it'll cost just yet, but it's safe to expect that this will be among the pricier accessories. And should you be sporting one, your Gear S smartwatch won't be left out either. Samsung is also selling a Swarovski-crystal-coated watchband that you can add on to it.

Samsung is also introducing for Note 4 accessories called the View Cover, Flip Wallet, S View Wallet, and an LED Cover. The LED cover displays basic information on the outside of the case, such as the time, the number of emails in your inbox, or that a call is incoming. The idea pretty clearly comes from HTC, which tried it earlier this year with the Dot View case, and Samsung's implementation is definitely less stylish. Samsung hasn't released full details on any of these accessories just yet either, but they should come before the Note's release in October.