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'Temple Run' is coming to Samsung's virtual reality headset

'Temple Run' is coming to Samsung's virtual reality headset


Get ready to puke

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If you're wondering what you'll be playing on the newly announced Gear VR headset, the answer is similar to what you already play on your phone: Temple Run. Developer Imangi Studios has just announced a virtual reality version of its runaway mobile hit — the series surpassed one billion downloads earlier this year — and it's coming to Samsung's new headset. Temple Run VR shifts the series to a first-person perspective, as you'll be running for your life through a world of snow and ice-covered mountains. The demon monkey returns, but this time he's called an "arctic demon monkey." The studio says the game is "coming soon to Gear VR devices." There's no word yet on when the headset accessory will be available, or how much it will cost — but you'll need a Note 4 if you want to use it.

Temple Run VR