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Intel just made a snakeskin smartwatch for women

Intel just made a snakeskin smartwatch for women


Jewelry on one side, smartwatch on the other

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Back in January, Intel said it would be working with designer Opening Ceremony to create a smart wearable device that was also fashionable. The big question was just what exactly what it would do. The two companies answered that today with the My Intelligent Communication Accessory (or MICA), a wireless bracelet that could easily be confused with a normal piece of jewelry from one side, and a smartwatch on the other.

Easily confused for a normal piece of jewelry

The device displays SMS alerts and notifications on a curved, sapphire glass touchscreen display that wraps around one side of the device, similar to Samsung's Gear S smartwatch. Like that watch, there will also built-in 3G wireless so that you can use it without a phone. Intel declined to say what platform or operating system it's using, but said it's already working with software developers to make apps, and will release more details next month.

Intel's pitching it as a device for women, and that's been made clear in the materials. Besides the electronic components, the bracelet is fashioned with gems and water snakeskin. It comes in two colors: one with black watersnake skin, lapis stones, and pearls, while the other will be white snakeskin, with obsidian and tigers eye. There's no price yet, just the promise of selling it for "under $1,000" at Barneys and Opening Ceremony stores in time for the holiday shopping season.


Intel bracelet

Update September 4th, 12:54AM: to note that both versions will have 3G.