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Basis' new fitness tracker actually looks like something you'd want to wear all day and night

Basis' new fitness tracker actually looks like something you'd want to wear all day and night


The Peak pairs new looks with improved fitness tracking and basic smartwatch features

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Basis' B1 fitness tracker is one of the most advanced wearables you can buy: it can count your steps, measure your heart rate, read your sweat level, and even track your different levels of sleep. But while it offers an impressive array of sensors and data crunching capabilities, the B1 isn't exactly a sleek or attractive device. Intel-owned Basis isn't oblivious to this and its new Basis Peak fitness tracker takes a major step forward towards being something you'd actually want to wear on your wrist all day and night.

The $199 Peak, which is replacing the B1 and will be available in early November, is a marked improvement over the B1 in both looks and design. It's slimmer, lighter, made of metal, and just a whole lot better looking than the B1. It's also smarter and more efficient than the B1, with improved sensing technology and more capabilities.

Basis has ditched the four touch buttons on the B1 for a touchscreen on the Peak, and the clumsy clip on charging adapter has been swapped for a much nicer magnetic attachment. The Peak is water resistant enough for swimming, and the black and white touchscreen is covered in Gorilla Glass 3 for durability.

Basis Peak fitness tracker

Importantly, Basis is using a much brighter optical sensor in the Peak, allowing it to track heart rates in real time without requiring a chest strap. It can still track other parameters too, such as perspiration, motion on three axes, and skin temperature. One of the Peak's key feature is its ability to detect activities such as walking, biking, running, and sleeping, including the various phases of sleep, automatically. It also now offers basic smartwatch functionality — you'll be able to see alerts on your wrist, but you won't be able to order a pizza with the Peak. Even with the improved fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and smartwatch functions, Basis says the Peak still lasts four or more days between charges.

Peak is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and uses Bluetooth LE for connectivity. The apps have also been given a redesign, making it easier to view your various goals and achievements — "habits" in Basis-speak. The Peak will be available silver-and-white and black-and-red color schemes, and the new, more pliable straps are interchangeable with standard watch straps.

Basis had one of the smartest fitness trackers on the market with the B1, and now with the Peak, it pairs those smarts with good looks and smartphone notifications. There's going to be a point in the future where smartwatches and fitness trackers are actually one and the same, and Basis is bringing us one step closer to that with the Peak.

Basis Peak fitness tracker