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Share this story says he's a "multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator," and in an attempt to prove it, he's taken a high-end luxury car and made it into a camera. The Black Eyed Peas founder has designed a special version of Lexus' NX SUV that comes equipped with four 180 degree lenses capable of capturing panoramic photos and video while on the road. Pictures taken with the bespoke car-mera can be automatically synced to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and that phone can be charged in a special wireless tray.

Lexus says the car, a one-off model shown off for the first time last week in Paris, "bears the flair and creativity of's innovative personality." But the special edition NX 200t F Sport doesn't bear his actual personality — the man won't feature as some kind of Knight Rider-style artificial intelligence aboard the car. It's for the best: having a KITT-esque car bursting into impromptu renditions of "Boom Boom Pow" while you're trying to drive and take panoramic pictures of your route to work would be very distracting.

To understand the mind of a creative innovator, here's a video of singing a song and waving his arms around against a threatening wall of car headlights. It may or may not represent the creative process he used to dream up his new camera-encrusted vehicle.