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NHL will use GoPro footage to demonstrate players' POV during games

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GoPro's tiny cameras are about to make watching hockey a bit more interesting: this coming season, NHL games on NBC and Rogers will start cutting to point-of-view footage that's been captured by GoPro cameras, according to Adweek. Unfortunately, the footage won't actually be live and from the game — instead, it'll be prerecorded footage of select players demonstrating what it's like to be in specific situations. Adweek suggests that you might see New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist blocking a shot, for instance. For any player that GoPro has footage for (and it's not stated how many that is), the networks will be able to cut to their point-of-view demonstration whenever it wants to in order to better illustrate what's happening in the game.

You'll start to see the footage outside of broadcasts too. The NHL will also be using it in promo campaigns and on its own television network, and the footage will also turn up online on GoPro's YouTube channel and the league's website. There's no denying that this will be far more interesting if GoPro and the league can manage to start doing this with live footage — a far more significant technical feat — but even this basic partnership still begins to illustrate what the future of sports coverage might look like.