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If Windows 10 is the Tesla to the Windows 7 Prius, what was Windows 8?

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Microsoft has "hundreds of millions of Windows 7 users" that it wants to convert to the latest version of its operating system, which has just been revealed under the name of Windows 10. In presenting the changes and upgrades in the next Windows, Joe Belfiore stressed how familiar it will be for Windows 7 users, deploying a car analogy for the jump being as significant yet familiar as that form a first-gen Toyota Prius to an all-electric Tesla.

"We want all these Windows 7 users to have the sentiment that yesterday they were driving a first-generation Prius... and now with Windows 10 it's like a Tesla."

It's not the nicest compliment Toyota has ever received, but the implication's clear: Windows is slicker, more advanced, and purer than it's ever been. As with the Prius' hybrid drive, Windows 7 brought about important changes for Microsoft's OS and Windows 10 is extending them even further. The only question left lingering, though, is what the middle child between these Windows generations, Windows 8, was supposed to be. The Fisker Karma, perhaps?