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TiVo now lets Android users stream their recorded TV shows

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You can now stream TV shows recorded with TiVo's latest DVRs on Android devices. Today, the company announced that its app for Google's mobile operating system has finally added streaming capabilities. You can also find the app in Amazon's Appstore to use with the Fire Phone or Fire tablets. Like the iOS version, TiVo's app lets Roamio owners watch recorded shows when on their home Wi-Fi network and — in some limited cases — even when away from home.

You can schedule future recordings and search for shows or movies both on TV and across popular video-on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. TiVo also notes that the app can display cast and crew info for whatever you're watching on TV at home without interrupting the big screen in your living room. And yes, it can double as a remote control if you're not fond of the one TiVo gave you. Android 4.1 is required to get started, and so far user reviews are pretty mixed. There are a few reports of problems when trying to stream content with certain Android devices. Hopefully TiVo will be able to iron out any problems before long.