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'Rush Hour' may be made into a TV show

'Rush Hour' may be made into a TV show


From the creator of 'Scrubs'

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It's probably impossible to replace the hilarious duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, but someone's going to try: Deadline reports that Rush Hour is now in the process of being adapted into a TV series. The show will be an action-comedy with hourlong episodes, and it'll likely still be about a Hong Kong police officer getting stuck with a wild LA cop. The show happening isn't a done deal just yet — it still needs to find a network — but Deadline suggests that it could be a hot property, so we just end up getting to see the remake.

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence will reportedly be co-writing and executive producing the new series. Arthur Sarkissian, who produced the three Rush Hour films, and Brett Ratner, who just directed Hercules, will also be executive producers. That certainly sounds like an odd pairing with Lawrence, but it may just make enough sense: Sarkissian and Ratner know action, and Lawrence is a master of the type of goofy comedy that could work perfectly in a Rush Hour series. Call me overly nostalgic for Scrubs, but maybe this remake isn't as bad of an idea as it sounds on the surface.