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Bose now lets you design headphones using a 'nearly limitless' combination of colors

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Customized QuietComfort 25 headphones cost an extra $100

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Bose has announced a new iteration to its line of noise-cancelling QuietComfort headphones. Promising a host of improved features, the $300 QuietComfort 25 can also be personalized with a range of 52 colors — if you're willing to shell out an extra $100, that is.

"We improved nearly every dimension — greater noise reduction, lifelike audio, a striking new profile and styles, and a new earcup pivot to fold up smaller than ever," Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group's Sean Garrett said in a statement. Described as capable of "cancelling more noise than any other Bose consumer headphone in history," the QuietComfort 25 includes up to an estimated 35 hours of battery life. Orders open in November 2014 but potential customers can begin designing their very own headphones on the website today.