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Samsung's 105-inch bendable TV has arrived

Samsung's 105-inch bendable TV has arrived


Flexible display is headed for the European market — probably at a steep price

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Samsung unveiled a massive, bendable TV display at IFA in Berlin today, after teasing a similar prototype earlier this year. The 105-inch UHD display features a 21:9 aspect ratio and, according to the company, can "seamlessly" transition between curved and flat orientations. The company showcased an 85-inch bendable prototype at CES in January, and released a 78-inch version in South Korea earlier this summer. The TV announced today is destined for the European market, though pricing and availability remain unclear.

Fellow Korean manufacturer LG has touted similar bendable display technology in the past, and Samsung, as usual, is doing its best to stay ahead of its longtime rival. Although the company hasn't announced a price yet, it will almost certainly be beyond most consumers' budgets. Its 105-inch, curved 4K display retails for $120,000.