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Listen to 28 different cover songs Arcade Fire performed on tour this year

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Arcade Fire has built a reputation on being one of the most dynamic and entertaining live bands around — a reputation built on more than just its own original compositions. As counted up by Consequence of Sound, the band played 35 different cover songs over the course of the just-completed Reflektor tour. The group paid tribute to a whole host of acts, including The Clash, INXS, ABBA, Fugazi, R.E.M., and even Boyz II Men. To commemorate the end of the tour, Consequence of Sound put together a 28-song playlist compiling as many of those performances as it could get its hands on. Some, like Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," are little more than a tease preceding another song — but there's a whole host of great performances to be be found here.