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'Futurama' returns to TV in a 'Simpsons' crossover airing November 9th

'Futurama' returns to TV in a 'Simpsons' crossover airing November 9th

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Soon, Family Guy will invade The Simpsons — and now it's time for Futurama to do the same in a special episode airing November 9th, "Simpsorama." Entertainment Weekly has the first image and details:

"The crossover... will unspool a complex, Terminator-esque story that involves Bart blowing his nose on a sandwich that he places in a time capsule. When that mixes with Milhouse's rabbit's foot and some radioactive ooze, it creates a global catastrophe in the future, prompting Bender to travel back in time to kill Bart and prevent this mega-mess."

All the Futurama's voice cast is returning for the special (Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, and so on). Futurama first debuted in 1999 and spent about four years on Fox, four years on Cartoon network (reruns only), two years as direct-to-video, and finally four years on Comedy Central. So there you have it. The sci-fi cartoon that's already had countless finales is getting one more sendoff.

Until the next one, that is.