New trailers: 'The Equalizer,' 'Dracula Untold,' 'Starring Adam West,' 'Leviathan,' and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


There were a lot of good trailers this week. That means you're getting a longer tailer roundup than usual, but it's definitely worth it. Some are foreign. One is whimsical. Another is an Ethan Hawke led Shakespeare adaptation. But they're mostly all pretty awesome (at least, in one way or another).

The Equalizer

Denzel Washington. Guns. Robbery. Explosions. A weird plot line with a goth Chloë Moretz. And a weird interpretation of The Old Man and The Sea. It doesn't look like the most original movie in the world, but The Equalizer definitely knows the kind of action movie that it wants to be and looks like it hits the target spot on. It'll be in theaters September 26th. (Bonus: this trailer also doubles as an ad for Eminem's new song.)

Nas: Time is Illmatic

If you're a fan of Nas, you'll want to catch this. Nas: Time is Illmatic catches up with the rapper as he shares stories from his life and thoughts on creating music. It'll open October 1st and go on-demand on October 3rd.


Why aren't there more Shakespeare adaptations? And why aren't they all starring Ethan Hawke? An adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy about a British king, Cymbeline takes the playwrite's material to a world of gambling, leather jackets, and screeching cars. No word yet on when it'll hit theaters.

Downton Abbey

Though I've only heard great things about it, I haven't actually caught any of Downton Abbey yet. What I'm trying to say is, I have no idea what's going on in this trailer for its fifth season, but I'm sure it all looks great. Except for the music choice. That definitely needs to go. It'll return in the US on January 4th.

Dracula Untold

Yikes. There isn't much in this trailer that gives us hope for Dracula Untold turning out to be a great Dracula film, but it's kind of worth checking out just to see how much craziness is going on here. And what's with the music choices this week? It'll be in theaters October 10th.

Starring Adam West

In the 1960's, Adam West was on top of the world as the star of Batman, but that success didn't take him quite as far as you'd think. The documentary Starring Adam West catches up with the former superhero star to trace the path of his waning career after Batman, while also taking a look at just how much of an impact he had on fans. It's available to watch on Starz.


Whoa, this looks cool. Leviathan took home the award for best screenplay at this year's Cannes, and its filmmaking looks like it has the nuance and beauty to match. A story about family and corruption in Russia, the film follows a man trying to keep his land out of the government's hands. There's no word on when it'll be in theaters, but keep your eyes peeled.

God Help the Girl

This looks whimsical and charming and twee in all the best ways possible. God Help the Girl comes from Belle & Sebastian bandleader Stuart Murdoch, who recorded a pretty-good album of the same name back in 2009 with the intention of turning it into a film. It took five years, but the results look incredibly fun. It opens in theaters today.

The Humbling

It's kind of amazing that we're getting The Humbling at the same time that we're getting both Birdman and Starring Adam West. The Humbling is yet another film about a washed up actor (played here by Al Pacino) who starts having trouble telling the difference between the stage and real life. Also, indie star Greta Gerwig leads opposite Pacino, and who'd have ever thought that pairing would happen? It'll open on November 21st.

Who Am I - No System is Safe

This hacker film looks absolutely insane. Just watch the trailer.