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Android Wear updates will bring custom faces and offline music playback to all watches

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Google is planning a pair of Android Wear updates between now and the end of the year that will enable watch owners to start using custom faces, to track how far and fast they run, and to listen to music even when they don't have a data connection. Every Android Wear watch that has already been introduced is supposed to get the updates once they're available, which means users won't be left waiting for months for new features like they often do on Android phones.

The first update will include support for GPS (as well as distance and speed tracking), Bluetooth headphones, and offline music playback. That's all nice and functional and means that the second update may be the more exciting one, as it'll bring support for downloadable watch faces. Technically, you can find a handful of watch faces in the Play Store right now, but Google says that they aren't very easy to build or get to work properly. That's all supposed to change with this coming update, and it should make owning an Android Wear watch a bit more interesting.