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Chrome for Android now features Google's new Material Design language

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One of the most anticipated parts of Android L isn't even a feature, per se — it's Material Design, Google's new vision for how its software looks. It was easily one of the most well-received demos at Google I/O this year, and while Android L still doesn't have a release date, the company has started spreading touches of the new design throughout its apps. The Google+ Android app already looks up-to-date with Material Design language, and today Chrome has been similarly updated.

It's not a dramatic change — the textures and gradients in the older version are gone, and then upper-right menu swoops in and out with a pleasing animation. The view showing your open tabs has also been slightly tweaked, but overall it still feels like the same browser. That said, it's good to see Google getting its software ready for Material Design ahead of the Android L launch, which is expected this fall.