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Apple developer document might hint at the iWatch

Apple developer document might hint at the iWatch

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One of the biggest things that we still don't know about the iWatch is what it'll actually look like, but Apple developer documents from Apple may just be laying out a hint. As spotted by Punchkick Interactive, Apple uploaded a document yesterday that features a "media remote" that looks suspiciously like a round-faced smartwatch. It's a pretty simple image and could certainly be referring to any number of other watches, but it's still something to go on. It's particularly worth considering given that right beside it is the silhouette of an iPhone acting as the "media source," so Apple clearly has some interest in using its own products as illustrations here.

That all said, Apple's been using this image for a little while now, so it may well just be a placeholder.


Even so, while a basic watch silhouette may not seem like much, it could actually shed light on one major unknown: there are still conflicting reports on what shape the watch will take, with some saying it will be rectangular and others saying it will be round. Apple's expected to unveil the watch on Tuesday, so it won't be much longer until we know for sure. For now, you can see everything that we're already expecting from the device right here.