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Motorola is already sold out of its Moto 360 smartwatch

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Well, that didn't take long. Motorola just officially launched the highly-anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch this morning, and the company is already saying it's sold out. Even worse, your chances of actually getting your hands on one might be limited for a while.

It's not the first time Motorola has ran into trouble keeping its new products in stock — Motorola's also had problems keeping the Moto X in stock during the various sales it ran for the smartphone over the last year. The best you can do right now is to sign up on Motorola's site to be informed when it is back in stock. Even going to the Google Play store will be an exercise in frustration — it's sold out there, as well. If you're feeling particularly masochistic, you can try and pick one up at your local Best Buy — but, according to Recode, it won't be on sale there until September 14th. It's also currently listed as "sold out" on Best Buy's website.

Update, 3:10PM ET: Added information about the Moto 360's availability at Best Buy stores.

Update, 6:10PM ET: Added information about the Moto 360 being sold out on Google Play.