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Apple hires legendary designer Marc Newson to work under Jony Ive

Apple hires legendary designer Marc Newson to work under Jony Ive


Ive's design BFF now a part of the team

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Newson (left) speaking with Ive (right) last year.
Newson (left) speaking with Ive (right) last year.

There appears to be a design bromance brewing at Apple. The company's design chief Jony Ive and famed industrial designer Marc Newson spent a year and a half working together on more than 40 different product designs — including some one-off Apple products — for last year's (Red) auction in New York. Now Newson's joined Apple's design team, Vanity Fair reports.

From charity work, to new Apple gear

Ive and Newson designed and remixed all sorts of products for last year's auction, which raised millions for AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. That list includes 18k rose gold Apple EarPods and a red Mac Pro, alongside a very special one-off Leica camera made out of anodized aluminum, and even a solid aluminum desk. It's unclear what projects he'll be doing at Apple, with Vanity Fair noting that Newson will work out of both the UK and Apple's headquarters in Cupertino.

Gallery Photo: Jony Ive and Marc Newson Ive and Newson's aluminum table for the (Red) auction last year.

Newson is an award winning designer, whose work includes everything from clothing, to shoes, watches, boats, restaurants, and even cabins for airplanes and spaceships. Vanity Fair notes that he's become close, personal friends with Ive over the years, and has been working on projects with Apple already.

There's a 38-minute interview with the pair and Charlie Rose over at Hulu. There's also a clip of them speaking ahead of the Sotheby's (Red) auction below:

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