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Jet packs and embryo chairs: 13 of Marc Newson's craziest, most iconic designs

Legendary designer Marc Newson has joined Apple as part of Jony Ive's team. The two have been friends for years; most notably, the two worked together to curate and design and remix a variety of products for last year's (Red) auction — from MacBook Air-like tables to a gorgeous take on the Leica M.

Newson has spent 30 years designing award-winning furniture, clothes, watches, boats, restaurants, and more. He's also had some choice words for Apple's competition — specifically Google Glass:

"It's a little bit like that wonderful invention called the Segway. It's such a fantastic piece of technology but you just look like a complete dick when you drive around on it ... That's where the bridge to the world of fashion really doesn't, or didn't, work. That's precisely the moment when I think the fashion world laughs at the world of industrial design, justifiably."He'll fit right in. Here's a look as some of Newson's most iconic — and maybe some of his most interesting — products.


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