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Netflix may soon offer a collection of short clips to watch on the go

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Netflix has had mobile apps for a long time, but its content is hardly designed for watching on the go. Hours-long movies and even half-hour TV shows are just too long to watch on your phone. Now Netflix is doing something about that. The company is testing a new section on its mobile apps called "Have Five Minutes?" that features two-to-five-minute-long clips culled from its massive content catalog. According to Gigaom, Netflix design manager Dantley Davis that it's been testing the feature for some time and has seen "very positive results."

It's likely that Netflix will roll out the feature to all mobile app users in the coming months if it continues to be pleased with its usage. While Netflix hasn't released any examples of what the short clips will look like, it is safe to assume it will be similar to the wide range of clips already shown on services like Hulu. The clips could include everything from memorable scenes in movies and TV shows to clips from sitcoms and bits from comedy routines.