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Facebook's blue dinosaur is ready to help fix your privacy settings

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Facebook has garnered a reputation for hopelessly complicated privacy settings, and now, a decade into its existence, the company's turning to a cute blue dinosaur to educate its users. It's called Privacy Checkup, and all users will see it over the coming weeks. It takes just a minute or two to complete, and it runs you through the basics: who can see your posts, which apps have access to your account, and who can view your profile information. And, of course, you get to do it all with a charming little dino by your side.

Details on Privacy Checkup were first revealed this past March when Facebook tested the feature with a smaller group of users — now everyone can see it. Privacy advocates will be quick to notice that the steps do not cover every privacy setting, meaning that there are certain details that are still hidden deep in the privacy menu. Nevertheless, Facebook had to strike a balance between breadth and simplicity, and the settings presented in Privacy Checkup certainly include the most relevant options. You can check it out yourself by clicking the "Privacy Shortcuts" button in the top right corner of Facebook.

Facebook privacy checkup