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Apple just added another layer of iCloud security, a day before iPhone 6 event

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Apple said it was beefing up security after last week's nude celebrity hack, and now it looks like the company is following through on its promise. MacRumors is reporting that the company has begun sending out alert emails whenever iCloud accounts are accessed through a web browser. Notably, the alerts aren't triggered when the service detects a new browser; they are sent even when the specific browser has already been used to access the account. Because iCloud is typically used to link apps, browser logins are now being treated as unusual enough to warrant an alert by themselves.

These alerts wouldn't prevent hacks, but they would provide an earlier indication that an account had been compromised, making it easier to stop hacks in progress and potentially trace back whoever is trying to break into the account. It's also an important sign that Apple is turning new attention to iCloud, which has many in the industry have seen as a neglected part of Apple's otherwise seamless infrastructure. It's also an interesting move in the run up to Apple's event tomorrow, which many expect will bring new features to iCloud.