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Because 'Dark Souls' is so easy, someone beat it with a 'Rock Band' guitar

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Ornstein and Smough, slain by rock and roll

For a brief period in modern video game history, plastic controllers in the shape of musical instruments ruled the world. Much like Dance Dance Revolution before it, the age of Guitar Hero and Rock Band seems to have come and gone — but the hardware peripherals live on as means by which people can make their favorite challenge games that much more frustrating.

Dark Souls guitar controller

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Dark Souls would be the zenith of that challenge. It's widely regarded as one of the hardest, most unforgiving games out there right now. Now imagine playing it by way of five fret buttons, a pickup selector, a whammy bar, and the ability to tilt the guitar up. That was the task Benjamin "Bearzly" Gwin set before him, and in all it took just over 11 hours to finish.

So kudos, Gwin. There have been other heroes before you, and there will assuredly be others after. Next up? Dark Souls 2 with a guitar controller. Good luck.