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Fox wants to make a Minority Report TV show

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There's a good chance that we'll be seeing further into the future of Minority Report. Late last month, Paramount TV and Steven Spielberg's production company were reported to be working on turning his classic sci-fi film into a TV series, and Deadline is now reporting that Fox has put in an order for a pilot episode with a good chance that it'll be taken to series.

Beginning 10 years after the film's Precrime unit is shut down

The show will apparently serve as a sequel to Spielberg's film, beginning 10 years after the shut down of its famed Precrime unit — which used premonition to catch supposed "murderers" before they commit their crime. The show will reportedly pair up a detective and a Precog who can't stop seeing visions of the future. From there, presumably some crime drama will ensue.

The show will reportedly be written and executive produced by Max Borenstein, who wrote this summer's Godzilla. Fox's reported pilot order has a hefty penalty on it should the episode not air, so there's a very good chance that we'll get to see the results. While a Minority Report series could turn into another monster-of-the-week crime drama, it has a huge and interesting sci-fi world to back it all up — and with the names behind the show, it's easy to imagine that something much more interesting could just come out of it.

Correction: Deadline is now reporting that Fox has bought the project with a good chance that it'll be taken to series.