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Someone thought we were sponsoring a rap concert, which would've been awesome

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According to okayplayer, the "tech-savvy folks" at The Verge are hosting an 18-city concert tour to give new and returning college students some love. Which sounds amazing and you should be excited about it! Starting later this month, Chance the Rapper will headline the series and hit up universities across the country, featuring fellow artists Sweater Beats and Young & Slick, as well as an appearance from Jason Derulo.

Details on other surprise appearances are scarce at the moment, mostly because The Verge isn't actually affiliated with these events. We're confused, flattered, and even a little jealous, especially since Chance is currently working on an EP with Childish Gambino. (We love that guy.) But no, Verge Campus is organizing the festivities. As such, there will be no tech summits or brand engagement opportunities from us or our staff members. All that said, Nilay Patel may be available for backing vocals.