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Google Play Movies and TV for iOS finally lets you watch offline video

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Google brought its Play Movies and TV shows app to iOS recently, something that comes in handy for those using both Android and iOS devices — but it left out a pretty key feature. The original app didn't offer the ability to save movies or shows to local storage and watch them without an internet connection, but Google has just fixed that oversight some nine months after the app launched.

Of course, the app is still limited in a major way  — namely, users can't actually buy or rent movies through it. They can only play back things that have been purchased through Google's Play Store online or through Android devices. That's a pretty standard restriction for non-Apple media players, though — Google would have to give Apple a cut of anything sold through its app. If you're firmly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, there's little reason to use Google Play for buying movies and shows over iTunes, but if you happen to switch back and forth between devices frequently, this still is a good cross-platform solution. The updated app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is available to download now.