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Apple Watch apps and partnerships announced, powered by 'WatchKit'

Apple Watch apps and partnerships announced, powered by 'WatchKit'


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Apple now has an entirely new category of device on its hands with the Apple Watch, meaning it'll need a robust group of third-party developers working to power it. Apple's always been the best at roping in high-profile teams, and now the first round of its new partnerships is here, powered by the company's special developer program for the watch: WatchKit.

The company reeled off a long list of third-party partnerships as part of the announcement. The third-party apps include social: you can check your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in a watch-optimized format using the system. Those were expected; some others were less so. You'll also be able to find your car using a BMW app, check out scores with the MLB app, and even control the temperature in your home with a Honeywell app.If you're heading out on a run, you can tell friends with a Nike app. If you'd rather fly, there's an American Airlines app that works by touch.

The question is how those partnerships will stack up to competitors'. Apple will want to continue with a range of partners in different fields — entertainment, media, and especially health — to go up against the solid lineup of Android Wear. You can see the apps in action here: