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Watch The Verge Live: iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch again! (replay)

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Apple day is over — inarguably its biggest one since the iPad reveal in 2010 (if not bigger than that). Now that all is said and done — Tim Cook and co. have walked off stage and everyone on site is running to the demo booths — join Ross Miller and Chris Ziegler live from our New York studio for a relevant / irreverent breakdown of all the biggest news, the latest video reports from San Francisco as they come in, and a conversation with our reporters-on-the-scene.

Excited? We are. It will get weird. Promise. Keep it locked.

From the event:

The 15 most important announcements

Apple Watch hands-on: a rounded, square wonder

The iPhone 6 Plus hands-on: yeah, it's big

Here's how you use the Apple Watch