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Here's what's inside the Moto 360

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By now you're likely very familiar with the Moto 360, and we've shown you all the engineering that went into the first circular Android Wear smartwatch. But what does Motorola's sleek product look like after it's been forcefully broken apart and splayed across a table? As usual, iFixit has your answer. Today, the teardown experts have focused their attention on the Moto 360 — and despite best intentions, the project got ugly pretty fast. It's nearly impossible to get the thing open without breaking it, so this isn't something you'll want to try at home. But if you're itching to see every component that makes up the Moto 360, here's your chance to do so without destroying your own $250 smartwatch. One oddity of note: the battery that iFixit found inside the Moto 360 is 300mAh, which is less than the 320mAh capacity Moto has been advertising.